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05 Jul–05 Aug, 2018

The BE@RBRICK crew is back in Hong Kong again this summer!

Harbour City transforms “Ocean Terminal Deck”, the latest tourist attraction and observation deck in Hong Kong, into a “Beach”; and invites over 30 BE@RBRICKS with 8 brand new summer looks to join the beach party. The BE@RBRICKS also help to build two over 4-meter-tall Giant “Sand Sculpture” BE@RBRICKS, including one 7000% BE@RBRICK who greets all visitors at 2 sides of Victoria Harbour; and one 8000% BE@RBRICK lying on the grand steps to enjoy sun bathing. Let’s join our Summer Party together and enjoy the sunshine with stunning Victoria Harbour view!

Date: 5/7 – 5/8/2018

Time: 10am – 8pm

Venue: Ocean Terminal Deck, Harbour City (Rooftop of Ocean Terminal New Extension Building)


Cool down at the BE@RBRICK TUCK SHOP with a series of Harbour City X BE@RBRICK limited edition premiums, including BE@RBRICK x ISEE iSEE Jumbo Ice Pop, Jumbo Ice Pop Mold, Fresh Juice, Beach Towel and Swim Ring; all premiums will keep you feeling summertime cool even when the temperatures continue to rise.

Date: 5/7 – 5/8/2018

Time:  12pm – 8pm

Venue: BE@RBRICK Tuck Shop, Ocean Terminal Deck, Harbour City

Redemption of BE@RBRICK Limited Edition Premiums

During the promotional period from 7 Jul – 5 Aug, 2018 (Every Sat & Sun), customers can redeem one BE@RBRICK Beach Towel or BE@RBRICK Swim Ring with same-day spending of HK$3,000 or above by electronic payment (only credit card, EPS and Octopus) at Harbour City retail and F&B outlet (with a maximum of two same-day payment slips, at least 1 slip must be issued by F&B outlet, each transaction amount must be HK$200 or above) in BE@RBRICK Tuck Shop. Customers should present their own credit card, EPS card or Octopus Card, corresponding machine printed receipts and electronic payment slips to redeem the gift.

Date: 5/7 – 5/8/2018

Time:  12pm – 8pm

Venue: BE@RBRICK Tuck Shop, Ocean Terminal Deck, Harbour City

BE@RBRICK Summer Chill Game Fun

Let’s make a splash with these summer-perfect BE@RBRICK water games with your kids and family.

Date: 7/7 – 5/8/2018 (Every SAT & SUN)

Time: 2pm – 7pm

Game Card & Gift Redemption Venue: BE@RBRICK Tuck Shop, Ocean Terminal Deck, Harbour City

Game Venue: Terrace & Lawn, Ocean Terminal Deck, Harbour City

Participation Methods:

Customers are eligible to redeem one game card by any one of the following methods. Upon successfully passing two or more challenges, customers can redeem BE@RBRICK gift during the below date, time and venue. (The quotas are available on a first-come, first-served basis and while stock lasts)

(1) Cash Payment HK$40

(2) Presentation of a single machine-printed receipt* on the same-day purchase of HK$200 or above at Harbour City retail, F&B outlet or BE@RBRICK Tuck Shop. 

Summer Water Play Party

Various performers are creating big splashes of fun with water drums, bubbles and plenty of water this Summer with Water Play Party every weekend!

Date: 7/7 – 5/8/2018 (Every SAT & SUN)

Time: 5:30pm & 6:30pm

Venue: Grand Stand, Ocean Terminal Deck, Harbour City