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Standard Chartered × Harbour City Up to HK$2,700 Coupon Rewards

01 Sep–30 Nov, 2018
SCB Redemption Concierge
Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City
12:30pm – 10pm
SCB Redemption Concierge
Level 2, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City
12:30pm – 8pm

From 1 September 2018 to 30 November 2018, cardholders who spend designated amount can enjoy:

  1. “Up to HK$2,700 Coupon Rewards”

Single transaction amount

Coupon value Designated coupon type
HK$800 – HK$2,999 HK$25 Starbucks coupon / Beauty or Food Coupon Extra HK$25 for Restaurants spending
(newly added offer)
HK$3,000 – HK$9,999 HK$125 HK$100 Starbucks coupon / Beauty or Food Coupon / city’super shopping voucher + HK$25 Starbucks coupon / Beauty or Food Coupon
HK$10,000 or above HK$450 Starbucks coupon / Beauty or Food Coupon / city’super shopping voucher / Lane Crawford Gift Card

Note 1: Types and value of each coupon: HK$25 Starbucks coupon/ HK$25 Beauty Coupon / HK$25 Food Coupon/ HK$50 city’super shopping voucher/ HK$450 Lane Crawford Gift Card. Types of cash coupons that Cardholders may redeem depend on the amounts of cash coupon(s) Cardholders are entitled to under the respective Offers and the face value of relevant cash coupon(s).
Note 2: Each Cardholder can only enjoy the offer for a maximum of 6 times with the same eligible card per month (based on the transaction date in each calendar month). “Extra HK$25 Coupon Rewards for Restaurants spending” and “Extra HK$50 Coupon Rewards for Samsung Pay” are counted as same quota of “Up to HK$2,700 Coupon Rewards” one of the 6 times redemption per month.
For the details of Harbour City’s Restaurants merchants’, please refer to “Restaurants” in the “your guide” which may be updated from time to time.
Split transactions will not be accepted.
The “Up to HKD2,700 Coupon Rewards” can be illustrated by this calculation example: During the promotion period, Cardholder may redeem 6 HKD450 cash coupon(s) in a calendar month upon making 6 Eligible Transactions in such calendar month and the amount of each of such Eligible Transactions is HKD10,000 or above (i.e. cash coupons of up to HKD2,700 in total value).

2. “Extra HK$900 Coupon Rewards”
Cardholders who spend HK$60,000 or above in a single Eligible Transaction may redeem HK$900 cash coupon. The “Extra HK$900 Coupon Rewards” can be used in conjunction with other offers, including “Up to HK$2,700 Coupon Rewards”.

3. “Extra HK$50 Coupon Rewards via Samsung Pay” (upon making a single transaction of HK$300 or above) (newly added offer)

  • All users: Entitled HK$50 Cash Coupon.
  • New user: Entitled extra HK$50 Cash Coupon by registering for Samsung Pay and adding Eligible Standard Chartered/ MAHATTAN credit card to Samsung Pay during the Promotion Period. Each new user is entitled to this offer once.

4. “Free Parking Offer”
Cardholders who spend HK$800 or above in a single transaction can enjoy extra 1 hour free parking coupon and up to HK$140 Shell coupon.

5. “Designated Car Show Offer”
Cardholders who make a deposit of HK$20,000 or above in a single transaction for the designated car show at Harbour City can enjoy HK$500 cash coupon.
Note: “Designated Car Show Offer” cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

Note: Any transaction made in GAP, MASSIMO DUTTI and ZARA are NOT eligible for the Promotion. Terms and Conditions apply.

For more details, please visit:

In case of any disputes, Harbour City Estates Limited & Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited reserve the right of final decision.